Islamic Wedding Service – Nikkah Service in Leeds Bradford and Yorkshire

We are happy to provide Nikkah service (Islamic Marriage) in Leeds, Bradford, Dewsbury, Wakefield, Halifax, Harrogate and rest of the Yorkshire.

If you wish Imam Qari Qasim to perform your Nikah, please contact us at your earliest at

We perform Nikkah (Islamic Marriage) according to Hanafi madhab.

Islamic wedding service can be performed in Urdu and English.

Cost: We do not charge a fixed fee. Families can contribute to Imam’s time as they wish.

Venue: Usually, Nikah takes place at the family’s place of choice. We do not provide any venue for the weddings.

In order for us to accept your request for your Nikah, you must provide us with PHOTO ID of bridegroom, bride and 2 witnesses. We will not be able to accept Nikkah engagement without photo IDs.

At the time of Nikah, bridegroom and bride will have to sign the following declaration:

  • I confirm that I am 18 years old or above.
  • I confirm that I am entering into marriage at my own free will and with sound mind; without undue influence or duress and that I have not been subjected to any coercion or financial inducement.
  • I have the blessings of my parents/guardian for this marriage.
  • I am not married to anyone else at this moment in time.

The process of Islamic Nikah is quite simple:

First, Nikah form is completed with the details of Groom, Bride, their parents and 2 witnesses.

Amount of Haq Mahr (dower) is specified. Haq Mehr is a gift given by groom to the bride at the time of Nikah. The VALUE of this gift is specified at the time of Islamic marriage. This gift can be in the form of cash, jewellery or any other valuable items. The bride has to accept this amount of Haq Maher at the time of her Nikkah.

After completion of paperwork, consent to the marriage is taken from the bride and groom.

The marriage ceremony is concluded with Nikah sermon in Arabic and a dua for the newly wedded couple.

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