Is Co-Education allowed in Islam

Is Co-Education allowed in Islam.

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Why Allah gave me BAD RELATIVES?

Sometimes we ask a question: What did I do to deserve such nasty relatives?

Is it OK to ask such questions?

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Reading Tasbeeh on Fingers or Prayer Beads

What is best? Counting Tasbeehat on your fingers or on a prayer bead?

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Calculate Number of Missed Prayer YEARS

How to calculate how many years of prayers (Salah) you have missed

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Dua to see Dead Ones

Which Dua can I read to see my deceased family members?

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Should I read Zikr and Awrad to a certain number or unlimited

Is it best to read uncounted Zikr and Awrad or should I limit the Zikr and remembrance of Allah to a specified number?

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If I read surah Baaqara 13 times am I forgiven?

Can Allah forgive me If I read surah Baaqara 13 times in my whole life?

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Full Quran Recitation – Tilawat of Quran

Find below links to recitation of the Glorious Quran

Juz 1

Juz 2

Juz 3

Juz 4

Juz 5

Juz 6

Juz 7

Juz 8

Juz 9

Juz 10

Juz 11

Juz 12

Juz 13

Juz 14

Juz 15

Juz 16

Juz 17

Juz 18

Juz 19

Juz 20

Juz 21

Juz 22

Juz 23

Juz 24

Juz 25

Juz 26

Juz 27

Juz 28

Juz 29

Juz 30

Dua Khatam-e-Quran – Prayer at completion of Holy Quran


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Islamic Studies Classes in Leeds


It gives us a great pleasure to announce the start of a new Islamic Studies class for younger children.

Islamic Studies classes in Leeds

Islamic Studies classes in Leeds

We started our first Islamic Studies class for West Park and Kirkstall area families’ about 2 years ago. Since then we have covered Level 2 to Level 5 of Safar Publications with the same class group. But now more families have been asking for beginners class for younger children. So finally we have organised a new beginner’s class for 6 – 9 age group.

Classes take place on Sundays between 10.30 – 12.30pm

We also have few places in the higher class. Currently, we are learning about Prophet Muhammad and soon will start Level 6 book.

May Allah keep all of us under His protection. Aameen.

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Eid Milad un-Nabi Cards

عید میلاد النبی مبارک

Get your pack of Eid Milad cards now

Please pay at least £7 for 6 cards and postage (higher donations are always welcome). Your contribution will vastly enable Peace Matters to continue its charitable work in UK and around the globe.

The month of Rabi-ul-Awal is the month of the birth of Prophet Muhammad. This is the month in which our love for our prophet intensifies and we want to show our love for our prophet to our children, family members, our community and the whole world. There are many ways to display our love for him including holding mahafil at home or in a masjid or having jaloos (a procession). Another way of displaying that love is through sharing Eid Milad cards with our loved ones; specially encouraging our children to share these cards with their friends.

You would have noticed that during Christmas time, our Muslim children receive Christmas cards from their friends. Children love this sharing experience. They love to share things. As Muslim parents and teachers we want to encourage our children to be confident with their faith; to share their faith and culture with others.

In particular, we want our children to have unwavering love of Prophet Muhammad and to develop that love we need to encourage our children to learn more about him and to practice his Sunnah.

Therefore, this Rabi-ul-Awal, we have designed and printed 3 elegant and beautiful cards that our children can give to others to show their happiness and delight that the month of the blessed birth of prophet Muhammad has arrived.

We understand that at first children may be reluctant to write these cards to their friends because they have never done it before. And thats exactly the point. Because our children don’t celebrate their religious days with others, they will be reluctant to share Eid Milad cards with others. But with a little of help and support, they will definitely enjoy the experience.

These cards contain important messages inside, increasing the knowledge of the person sharing and receiving the card.

The 3 Eid Milad cards contain these messages:

O Prophet Muhammad! We have sent you as a mercy to the whole universe. Quran 21.107

Say to people! If you love Allah then follow me [Prophet Muhammad] . In return, Allah will love you and forgive you. Quran 3.31

“None of you will have true faith till he loves me [Prophet Muhammad] more than his father, his children and all mankind.”

Eid Milad cards

Eid Milad cards

So please do get these cards from us and ask your children to share them with their family and friends.

We do ask you to pay a small contribution to receive these cards. This will ensure that we have covered the cost of producing these cards and any remaining money can be used to support orphans around the world, which is an initiative of Peace Matters.



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