Poems about Allah – Your votes needed

The students of Leeds Islamic Summer School have written the following poems about Allah Almighty. Their task was to write a short poem about Allah Almighty, describing his characteristics and attributes.

The students as a group have produced the following three poems. As a way of encouragement, we are conducting a poll to see which group has written the best poem.

We would be really grateful if you can give your vote for the poem that you like. Poems are listed below.

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Remember! Insha-Allah, everyone will be a winner.

Poem 1: Allah is the first one

Allah is the first one,
He was there since time begun,
He is powerful, he is strong,
He has provided everything for very long,
He knows everything there is to know,
He is the most kind and merciful,
And he will be the last.

Shoaib, Faizaan, Zayn, Hamzan and Zishaan

Poem 2: The First and The Last

The First and The Last
The Most Merciful,
The Most Kind,
The King of All Mankind,
The First and the Last…

The Provider,
The Sustainer,
Allah is the Creator,
The First and the Last…

A Great Many Names He Has,
99 That Is,
Each Representing His Attributes,
Most Powerful; Most Merciful,
The First and the Last…

The Most Merciful,
The Most Kind,
The King,
Of All Mankind,
The First and the Last…

By Ibraheem, Mustafa, Ahsan, Saif, Osama

Poem 3: In the Name of Allah

Allah is the creator,
Allah is the sustainer.
Allah is the provider,
Allah is the decider.

The first and the last,
The king and creator.

Most Merciful,
Most Kind,
All knowledgeable,
All powerfull.

From Insects to Buildings,
He created it all,
On judgement day everything will fall,
Finest and devinest the personal name is ALLAH…

By Sulayman R,Hashim R, Adil T, Zakir A, Umar H

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  1. rumana says:


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  3. Abdul Rehman says:

    I really love poem 3 it is absolutely outsdanding please put and xtra vote on
    mashalla kudafas

  4. Mehvish says:

    Mashallah! all 3 poems are really lovely and meaningful , it is so hard for me to decide between the three Subhanallah! this should remain continued Inshallah!

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