Islamic Story Competition – Which is the best one?

The students of Leeds Islamic Summer School have written the following Islamic stories.

Woudl you give your 5 minutes to read and rate them?

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Story 1 – Adam’s Dream

By: Umar, Adil, Hamzah & Ahsan

A long time ago in a galaxy not so far away lived a man by the name of Adam. He was a fairly rich employee of and wanted to get richer. He thought he would get richer by lying, but he was wrong.

One day whilst shopping in a supermarket, he told a woman at the till that he was the richest man in the world. After believing his lie, she then stalked him all the way home and sneakily stole his wallet whilst he was getting out of his car. Adam was annoyed that he could not find his wallet, but shrugged it off as if it never happened and simply bought another.

Whilst watching a film at the local cinema the following day, Adam started to brag about how his home cinema was bigger & better, frustrating everyone in the cinema. Even though Adam had a home cinema system, it wasn’t bigger or better – he was lying again. When he arrived home he was shocked at what he saw. His entire house including his home cinema had been robbed of its possessions’. Adam was extremely angry now yet still gave no thought to his actions.

At Work the following day, Adam decided he wanted to get a co-worker he hated fired from his job. So he decided to hatch a plan. He lied to his boss, Mr Patel, and said that his co-worker had been stealing stationary & slacking on the job. 20 minutes later, Mr Patel came back furious to learn of his treachery and fired Adam for lying about his co-worker. Adam became even angrier now and was escorted out of his office by security for being rude to Mr Patel.

After being fired, Adam then angrily sped home in his glossy red Missan Nicra at a dangerous speed & caused a crash. He drove into the side of the innocent Go Compare guy. After the crash, the police then found out that it was his fault and that he lied to them. The police then arrested him and threw him into the back of a dark, cold police van. Adam then suddenly then woke up. It was all a dream. A very worrying dream. Maybe a premonition he though. He knew he did not want this to happen to him and so decided never to lie again and do good actions. The moral of the story – yes you guessed it right – don’t lie! Always be truthful.


Story 2 – Faisal Good Deeds

By: Zishaan, Zakir, Faizaan & Sulayman

“Faisal, Daal’s ready!”

“Shut up Mum, I’m trying to read Namaz!”

After Faisal read Namaz he went to eat his food. He tasted the food then spat it out, he shouted “Mum, what is this nonsense!” Fasial threw his chappatti at the table and left the table. He pulled a cigarette out of his pocket and opened the door saying “I’m going out with my friends.” Faisal’s mum replied “Where are you going?” But the only answer was the sound of the door slamming shut behind Faisal.

Faisal’s mum started to cry and asked Faisal’s dad “what are we going to do with him?” Faisal’s dad responded “you know I’ve tried to teach him, but he doesn’t listen. Now that he reads his Namaz and the Holy Quran he believes he is better than us and doesn’t have to listen to us any more.”

In the late hours of that night Faisal returned to his house. Ignoring his parents he started to walk upstairs but then some drugs fell out of his pocket. At the sight of this his mother fainted. Faisal’s dad called for an ambulance and went to the hospital with his wife.

When Faisal was sleeping, he had a dream. He dreamt that it was judgement day and he was about to be questioned about his life. He thought that Allah would surely send him to heaven because he read his Namaz and read the Holy Quran, but he was wrong. Faisal was told that it is very important to show great respect to you parents and that disrespecting your parents makes Allah unhappy with you. At the end end of the dream, Faisal was sentenced to the Hellfire for how he treated his parents.

Faisal woke up the next morning full with regret and the feeling of failure. He now knew that he should listen to his parents more, because even if he is educated at school, there is a lot he can learn from his parents. Faisal then remembered his parents telling him how he should not take drugs or smoke as they are Haram in Islam. Faisal decided he would change from now on and stop smoking, stop taking drugs and most importantly respect his parents.

Story 3 – One choice, One Life

By: Ibraheem, Saif, Zayn & Zeeshan

A dark haired short boy slowly trudged up to the masjid intending to pray. Hafeez had been fully practicing Islam and after 13 years of doing so, he started to build a few flaws in his character. This made him lazy and disrespectful to his parents. He was encouraged to do most of this ill behavior by his friend; Zayn. He gradually became extremely naughty which led to him into stealing. He stole little things at first, but eventually he stole more and more, until he stole a major amount of money, a 100 pound bill!

One day the Imaam found out and gave him a private talk which encouraged Hafeez to stop his bad behavior and to spend time expanding his Imaan and Islamic knowledge. Time gradually became faster due to the fact that it was getting closer to Qiyamat! The signs showed that it was near the end; Qiyamat could happen any day now! So he travelled to Saudi Arabia to perform the holy pilgrammage, Hajj. After finishing Hajj Hafeez decided to stay in Saudi Arabia for a better life.

Suddenly, 5 years later, a catastrophe arose!  The war had begun; the war between the muslims and the devils… The Day of Judgement had begun! The first trumpet was heard, and people were ricocheting to find a shelter and hide from the terrible punishment that awaited them. But nothing and no one could hide from Allah…
He finally was in the presence of Allah, the Almighty Lord whom Hafeez had tried to worship throughout his life…


Story 4 – Rajeem the Murderer

By: Osama, Hashim, Shoaib & Mustafa

Rajeem was 27 years old .He was a murderer .He was fierce, angry and strong also durable .Angry he was. He wanted to go to paradise, so he started praying. He had a dream and an angel said, “If you don’t stop killing you will definitely go to hell”.

He woke up and was frightened and scared. He didn’t have a comfortable sleep that day.

The next day he had a think what option he would choose. He chooses to repent. So he went to the imam and told him what he does and what happened in the dream and asked the imam,” Do I have a chance of forgiveness”.

The imam answered,” You have already decided, what has happened cant not be changed”.

He was angry because the imam replied, “No”.

So he killed the innocent imam.

He went to a scoller and told him everything about the dream but he did not tell him about killing the imam.

The scoller said,” You have had a fascinating dream, you will go to heaven, but if you have murdered since then I’m afraid you will have to go to hell”.

After 30 years Rajjeem died and faced Allah. Because he had mercy upon Allah almighty and knew he was the most merciful and kind, Allah almighty forgive Rajjeem and let him enter the first paradise. Rajjeem was so happy, he said Allah all mighty is the most merciful and kind I bow down to him because I am his servant and I will never serve anyone else apart from Allah almighty.

Allah is the most Merciful and Kind.

Never keep secrets unless private because Allah Almighty Knows Everything.

Thanks for reading and voting

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