Pupils’ comments about Leeds Islamic Summer School

Following are some of the comments that I have received regarding the Leeds Islamic Summer School:

"The summer school taught the basics of Islam which was not only good for the younger boys but also taught some of the older boys things they may not have previously known. It was also helpful to learn stories about Islam and how the Holy Prophet lived as they provided clear examples of how we should live. The summer school taught me details of beliefs in Islam that I didn't know before such as the descriptions of Jinn and Angels." (Zishaan)

"My days in Islamic School were Brilliant, I have learnt more than i expected. I understand the meaning of islam and what it takes to be a muslim. Now I know more about my deen i can spread the word Islam. I liked discussing more about our deen such as stories on Hadrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H). I loved attending the classes to learn more… Inshallah I will attend the 2012 classes at the same place. My experiences were Brilliant most of all the teacher Imam Qari Qasim Was Brilliant.!" (S Rabani)

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