Woodsley Centre – New nursery development

It gives me a great pleasure to announce the completion of the nursery conversion work Woodsley Community Centre.

Over the last year i have worked with Leeds Muslim Council and Woodsley Community Centre to build a new childcare provision in Hyde Park & Woodhouse  and Burley areas of Leeds. This new childcare provision is taking place on Woodsley Centre's premises.

The two rooms upstairs have been merged together to create a big nursery room.

The nursery includes an office area for the staff, toilets for kids, quite area to have rest, wet area to play around and storage area for the storage.  

The work is still ongoing. The current phase is to apply to the Ofsted to register the provision with them. 

We have received great support from different partners, including the childcare consultant team from Leeds City Council, the local community who have donated generously towards this project and also the volunteers.

The generous donations of the local community confirm their interest in the new childcare provision and the benefits it will bring to them.


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