Theresa May – A new Prime Minister, A new beginning (I hope)

We congratulate Theresa May on becoming UK's 54th Prime Minister, a great position that comes with great responsibility.

Of course, this new role is best suited for her as she has already spent the last 6 years on reducing immigration, an imaginary tool or a magic wand in the minds of so many politicians and now cascaded down to the public, to eliminate every economic and social problems currently suffered by UK.

As 'Brexit is Brexit', no doubt Mrs May will use her expertise in isolating UK from the rest of Europe as the last government has isolated communities living in UK.

No doubt, her jubilant case of deporting one person, Abu Qatada, from UK will come handy in deporting EU migrants.

It was inspiring to listen to Theresa May talking about 'burning injustice' in society and the need to remove these injustices. but it was coming from the mouth of someone who has helped to create such injustices in the last 6 years. Perhaps such admissions are way for Mrs May to achieve atonement and ask for forgiveness from the public who has suffered severally by her policies.

In her speech she mentions the name of her party and what it means to her: "It means we believe in a union not just between the nations of the United Kingdom but between all of our citizens – every one of us – whoever we are and wherever we’re from." What beautiful words from someone who has ripped families apart and forced them to live separately due to her non-EU immigration policy. No indigenous British person would understand the trauma and agony of living away from their spouse and children caused by her policies.

She promises to listen to 'you' and not 'wealthy', 'mighty' and 'privileged' ones. However, its only been few years that she backed 'bedroom tax', police cuts and voted against measures to prevent climate change. Her actions defy her words and future is to monitored closely.

She also has the audacity to talk about white vs black when she has not done any positive action to lower such barriers in the last 6 years. Her critics will point out the extradition cases of Gary McKinnon vs Talha Ahsan, when one extradited to the US and not the other. I am sure you can guess who was extradited by just looking at the names. Not an exact case of discrimination based on colour, but discrimination based on faith or race.

Her addiction to Prevent and snooper charter also gives no cause for celebration, in particular to the minority groups. There is a hope among the communities most hurt by her policies that her tenure is swift and the next 4 years passes without new policies being passed to divide the communities further.

Politicians have a habit of doing only lip service to the real issues. Perhaps Mrs May's first speech was just a lip service to appease the public and calm them at this uncertain times. We hope not so and that she sticks to her words.

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